Annex I
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Declaration on Democracy, Political, Economic and
Corporate Governance
1. We, the participating Heads of State and Government of the member states of
the African Union (AU), met in Durban, South Africa, at the inaugural Assembly of
the African Union and considered the report of the New Partnership for Africa’s
Development (NEPAD) Heads of State and Government Implementation
Committee established at the Organization of African Unity (OAU) Summit in
Lusaka, Zambia, in July 2001.
2. In the general context of our meeting, we recalled our shared commitment
underlying the establishment of NEPAD to eradicate poverty and to place our
countries, individually and collectively, on a path of sustainable growth and
development and, at the same time, to participate actively in the world economy
and body politic on equal footing. We reaffirm this pledge as our most pressing
3. In reviewing the report of the NEPAD Heads of State and Government
Implementation Committee and considering the way forward, we were also
mindful of the fact that, over the years, successive OAU Summits have taken
decisions aimed at ensuring stability, peace and security, promoting closer
economic integration, ending unconstitutional changes of government, supporting
human rights and upholding the rule of law and good governance. Among these
decisions are:

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