East African Community Court of Justice Rules of Procedure, 2019. Rule Title 16. Modes of service of documents 17. Return of service 18. Examination of serving officer Section V: Appearance and Representation 19. 20. 21. 22. Appearance and Representation Death of a party Change of advocates Exclusion from proceedings Section Vi: Court Sessions, Vacation and Holidays 23. Court vacations 24. Holidays Part B: Proceedings In The First Instance Division SECTION VII: PLEADINGS 25. References 26. Disputes between the Community and its employees 27. Representative action 28. Notification of statement of claim/reference 29. Transmission of notification 30. Validity of notification 31. Substituted service 32. Response to reference 33. Defence and counter-claim 34. Particulars of address for service 35. Facts not evidence to be pleaded 36. Matters to be specifically pleaded 37. Annexures to pleadings 38. Departure 39. Preliminary Objections 40. Further and better particulars 2

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