Section 4) Preparatory measures
Chapter III) Oral procedure
Chapter IV) Expedited procedures
Chapter V) Judgments
Chapter VI Costs
Chapter VII ) Discontinuance
Chapter VIII) Service
Chapter IX) Time- limits
Chapter X) Stay of proceedings
Title III) Special forms of procedure
Chapter I) Suspension of operation or enforcement and other interim Measures
Chapter II) Preliminary procedure
Chapter III ) Intervention
Chapter IV) Judgments by default and applications to set them aside
Chapter V) Exceptional review procedures
Section 1) Third-party proceedings
Section 2) Revision
Chapter VI) Interpretation of Judgments
Chapter VII) Opinions
TITLE IV) Miscellaneous Provisions
Chapter I) Miscellaneous provisions
Article 1
In these Rules:
"Treaty" means the Revised Treaty of the Economic Community of West African
States and includes protocol and conventions and annexure;

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