NEPAD/HGSIC-3-2003/APRM/Guideline/O&P 9 March 2003 AFRICAN PEER REVIEW MECHANISM ORGANISATION AND PROCESSES 1 Introduction 1.1 The African Peer Review Mechanism base document (AHG/235 (XXXVIII) Annex 2), approved by the NEPAD Heads of State and Government and Implementation Committee (“Implementation Committee”) and endorsed by the African Union (AU) Summit in Durban, South Africa in July 2002, envisages the following four distinct organisational components of the African Peer Review Mechanism (“the APRM”), with the names that shall be used in this document for the sake of clarity in brackets: a. The Committee of Participating Heads of State and Government (The APR Heads of State Forum (APR Forum)) is the highest decisionmaking authority in the APRM. b. The Panel of Eminent Persons (APR Panel) will be appointed to oversee the review process to ensure the integrity of the process, to consider review reports and to make recommendations to the APR Forum. c. The APRM Secretariat (APR Secretariat) will provide the secretarial, technical, coordinating and administrative support services for the APRM. d. The Country Review Team (APR Team) will be appointed to visit the country to review progress with the county’s Programme of Action, as envisaged in paragraph 13 of the APRM base document, and produce the APRM report on the country. 1.2 Further, the APRM base document envisages five stages of the APRM with a number of processes both at country and continental level. Some of Page 1 of 17

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